Monday, July 13, 2020
Terms & Conditions
Should an item or product be faulty within the Warranty Period, please contact Archery Access on 0414 663 1250414 663 125 or

Warranty Items are returned to Archery Access at buyers expense and does not cover labour.

Return from Archery Access to buyers delivery address is also at buyers expense.

Warranty will be covered as per Manufacturers specifications.  Items will only be replaced if required to as per the terms of warranty

Warranty is as provided by the manufacturer of the items and the end consumer will wear any costs associated with the warranty claim.

In most cases warranty is provided to the original buyer only and no warranty is provided for goods purchased secondhand.

If in the unlikely event you receive incorrect goods or too many or too little amounts of a product Archery Access must be notified within 7 days of receiving said goods or you (the purchaser) will have been deemed to have received the correct product*

If you have any queries please call.

* this is done so that items that are lost by the receiver are not claimed twice.

Postage & Shipping
Postage will be determined as per the shipping company’s prices and will be passed onto the buyer.

Archery Access is not accountable for any direct or indirect damages caused during transport to and from our distribution centre.

Products returned will be returned at the price paid less postage and insurance and a 15% restocking fee.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only and goods may vary from the pictures on this webpage.

Draw Length
Bow draw length measurement is, nocking point (where you string touches the nock) to the pivot point (where your hand touches the riser) plus 1.75 inch.

Please if you are not sure, contact Archery Access to discuss your requirements.  Otherwise I will have to assume that you know what you are ordering, if you order a bow that is the wrong draw length, costs of changing this will be at your expense.

Pricing and Website
Archery Access reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to any part of the site including prices, models, materials, equipment, specifications and availability. Due to ordering, shipping, currency unforeseen factors, some equipment properties like colour and model availabilities may vary from time to time.

Shaft to Shaft Measurement

This is how the arrow arrives from Easton, so if it arrives with a unibushing it will include the unibushing, it never includes the nock.  If in doubt please contact us to confirm your requirements.



Terms are 50% deposit and the rest payable on pickup or on agreed payment plan.  If this is not paid off then the deposit is NOT refunded and the goods remain the property of Archery Access


***Special Order Items*** -

A 100% non refundable deposit is taken for SPECIAL ORDER items, this includes the GOODS, INSURANCE & POSTAGE for the said item.   Please feel free to discuss this if you are concerned or have any issue's with this.


Archery Access takes no responsibility and liability for products that are used incorrectly. It is the owners responsibility to check, maintain and operate their equipment safely, please refer to the product owners manual and manufactures documentation for the safe use of equipment and associated items. We recommend that you seek professional coaching, tuition and advise prior to buying or using all forms of archery equipment to ensure correct technique and use of equipment to prevent injury to yourself, others and damage to equipment.


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